When USA wept


Oh yes Homer’s face was really perplexed! ” Who wouldn’t be perplexed?”, wisely wondered the ones like me who had the privilege to watch that genial Simpon episode.  Brilliant and fool at the same time, the yellowfacedfamily was even funnier that day, when Lisa was asked by the entire Country to remedy all the damages the VeryblondTrump had caused. Those damages were described in details and, at that time, those were considered just comix, fun, entarteinment…and all of a sudden in a grey November day 16 years afterwad (but didn’t they say future brought evolution???” ) the world tells us that he,  the tycoon, the self-made man (but how come the self made man brought millions of dollars with him to boast his low profile start up company), the cleanfaced boy who loves his improbable wives  and his plastic offspring, well yes him serioursly him; He, National Donald has been appointed 45th President of the United States of America, homeland of rights and liberty, and yes He will make America  Great again!  Since we have learnt the news, social have gone crazy, messages of shock and disgust grew exponentially..how was this possible? how could Americans do that? A population of absurd voters that puts the entire world at risk and so on!  Strongly stating that American People are much more and far beyond Trump’s supporters, but what are we shocked by? The tycoon is just the sum of all stereotype propaganda, that reminds us of last century  ( so sad to have to admitt that we went 70 years back from an evolution perspective) but that is loved by many. To label, to judge  makes us feel so very confident! They are the bad ones, we are good and beautiful  and so let’s cut it short let’s send them all away, so we can go back to our lives, enjoying our giant burgers or tagliatellas serenely.Whites with whites,  middle class with middle class…such a liberation, yes let’s build all walls we want!   The platinized President is  expression of People’s sovereignity, and so is Brexit to be intended.  And again we are shocked and horrified. There is nothing to be horrified or shocked by, let’s not lecture anyone, when we are aware to be Countries in which there are neverending queues to get the latest mobile phone, where the maximun ambition is to be a starlet. A Country that doesnot remember, nor speaks about Rita Montalcini, Dario Fo, Renato Dulbecco, Giovanni Falcone, Paolo Borsellino, Rosario Livatino, but underlines Corona’s suit or Belen’s new fiancè!  And then let’s say it clearly, let’s put off our radical chic masks, and let’s be horrified but not by Utah or Nevada electors, but by us,  for what we have become, what we teach our children. Let’s be horrified by all the people and masterpieces we have forgotten, to follow talent shows. Let’s be horrified by  the daily contempt we do to education!   Success, titles, money, fame, vips, these  are the parameters that tell who we are, and we all, almost unconsiously. got used to that and cowardly let it explode in front of us…because, at the end of the day, we and our beloved were fine! And  then comes  Donald to wake us up and think that,perhaps, we have gone too far now, we have unmoored …now it’s really too much!  Of course it is! And Donald is the nth evidence, we saw that in 2016 you can base your campaign on hate and imparity and even get elected! That’s why this article is entitled so, quoting Irvin Yalom’s masterpiece, because that kind of tears desperate aware America is crying today! Now it’s much easier for us to twist our head, to be snobbish than to look insight and tell ourselves “And what are we going to do now?”, but this will be the nth coward action.  Let’s instead not twist our head, let’s not be horrified, but let’s join together and let’s try to re-estabilish harmony, let’s do something that will make us able to give our children a more honorauble inheritance. Let’s admitt we went back in the past and let’s run vehemently to re-obtain our 70 year evolution. We owe this to ourselves, to future generations, and to whom fought in the past to give us a better world!

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