Guess who is back?

Dearest friends!

It took more than one year since the last post and I missed you soooo much! Nevertheless this silence was all but not due to inactivity 🙂   I moved and changed Company and I had to deal with very complicated projects that unfortunately  (modern world-disease) did not leave me the due time to dedicate to us. Meanwhile  tough, I have some good news to share and hope you are always there to support and follow me…ok let’s avoid emotions and let’s go to facts :).

Here the updates:

Io speriamo che colloquio  is incredibly keeping on selling and is making me very proud. I gained readers’ consideration overseas and the English Version  (ndr Shall we interview? ) got readers in Europe and went very well  in the USA.  I still can’t believe this and I am extremely grateful to all of you who have supported me and have contributed to make this small dream come true. Than you soooooo much!

– I have been working on several projects for reading events to share labour discussions and social trasformation. As soon as possible I’ll let you know dates and details of events in which I’ll be present and starting from my book, we will then discuss about many other things 🙂 .

– During this year I have worked on my new book and we should be close to the completion. It should be published within the first term. I will not tell you anything about it now, but we’ll be soon talking about it and I hope you’ll like it.

What about the rest? I became familiar with Milano, which is a wonderful and warm city, I have still got thousands of thoughts and ideas I want to share with you  and I do promise to be constant and present… you promise to be there !

A very strong hug and thanks for being so patient and waiting for me,


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